Article 6790
"Thank you so much for doing this article on the office move! I really like the last title option!"

Article 6695
"This is right on target! Thank you so very much!"

Office Move Article 529
"You were right on schedule! This looks great-thanks for reviewing and adding your magical copywriting dust to improve the article!"

Copy for Insert 521
"Thanks! I like the very first option. We will use that. Awesome! Thank you so much. I love the fact that you devote time to provide a few different ones to choose from!"

Business Newsletter 426
"This is all good! Touched on all the important stuff, which I really appreciate!"

Referral Letter 6525
"Perfect! Thank you!"

Press Release 917

"Expertly done. Thanks for making me look like a pro!"

Reopening Postcard 6450
"Thanks for drafting copy for this reopening postcard. I think it looks great and hopefully it will get patients excited to come back in!" 

Postcards to Patient 424
"Thanks for this great copy! I love the last headline that you put, you are so funny!"

Brand Focused Ad 5837
"I just have to say, our team rocks!"

Flyer 2460
"You're the best!" 

Letter Request 2433
"This is great! Thanks so much for taking care of this for us!"
Logo Request 6539
"Great work! Thanks!"

Ad Request 2044
"Looks great! Thank you!"

White paper 111
"Excellent, exactly what I need! Thanks for keeping yourself so focused, it makes it much easier here."

Newsletter 5623
"Awesome--thank you so much!"

HR Webinar Intro 1128
"Thanks for doing your thing! This looks great!"

Copy for Flyer 6620    
"This looks really fantastic. You did a good job! Thanks for your help with this!"

Cancellation Letter 1016
"This looks perfect! Great idea to create a policy announcement in addition to the cancellation letter. Thank you so much!"  
Ad Copy 5302
"This looks great and matches up to what they want to communicate. Thanks for working on the copy!"


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